The Quo Vadis Baccalaureate

The Quo Vadis (QV) Baccalaureate is an award that represents the broad curriculum on offer at Boundary Oak. It aims to reward pupils’ hard work and success in all their areas of learning, not just the traditional academic subjects. It empowers pupils with a clear map of their learning journey and provides plenty of opportunities to set and reach their goals.

The awards are made in Years 2, 4, 6, 8 and 11 with Years 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 10 working towards their certificates. It is a certificate presented every two years to pupils who gain sufficient points to achieve either a Pass, Merit, Distinction or Headteacher’s Honours Award.

The QV Baccalaureate focuses on seven areas of learning: languages, mathematics, sciences, humanities, creative and performing arts, sport and QV Qualities. Pupils are awarded points in each of these areas and their overall score determines their award.

In Year 4 and below, teachers are responsible for recording pupils’ progress on their Baccalaureate grids. In Year 5 upwards, pupils take responsibility for their own Baccalaureate. All pupils will have two termly meetings with their teachers to discuss their progress and set their next targets. The learning journey and progress for each pupil is clear and explicit and frequent meetings provide the opportunity to discuss the steps they need to take to achieve those targets.

The Baccalaureate forms are the cornerstone of our formative assessments which compliment our annual summative assessments.

For further information on either the Baccalaureate or our assessments please contact Mr Kristian Still, Academic Deputy Head –

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