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Academic Results for Boundary Oak School

As an academically non-selective school, which aims to cater for pupils with a wide range of abilities, we are incredibly proud of our results over the last few years.

The combination of being a small school with Year 11 cohorts that average 20 – 30 pupils, with the recent oscillation between exam and centre assessed grades means we feel a three year rolling average of GCSE results provides a more accurate representation of our pupils’ attainment.

The unerring dedication of our teachers, be it planning, mentoring, intervention and support, enables our pupils to reach their potential, while growing into well rounded individuals, fully prepared for the next stage of their academic career.

Boundary Oak School prides itself on its ethos of fostering an enjoyment of learning and promoting a growth mindset and these results are a testament to that.

GCSE Results at a glance – 3 year rolling average
Pupils achieving equal to or greater than grade 4 in maths and English 100%
Percentage of grade 4 or higher across all subjects 93%
Pupils achieving a minimum of grade 4 in five or more subjects including maths and English 90%
Percentage of grade 7 or higher across all subjects 43%
Notable highlights of 2019
23% of maths results were a grade 9
67% of pupils achieved a grade 7 or higher in music, French and history
Notable highlights of 2020
15% of all grades were achieved at grade 9
28% of pupils achieved grade 7+ in all their exams
50% of pupils studying French, Russian, music and psychology achieved a grade 9

If you would like further information or have any questions relating to our academics please feel free to contact our Academic Deputy Head, Mrs. Sophie Savage at or our Headmaster, Mr. James Polansky at

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