Scholarship Applications

Scholarships are awarded to pupils from Year 7 upwards, although they are primarily awarded to those entering the Senior School.

Boundary Oak scholarships are in recognition of excellence, achievement and potential in the following areas: academic, music, performing and creative arts, sports and all-rounder. We encourage pupils who consistently perform at a high level in one of these areas to apply in writing to Mr Joe Davis, Deputy Head, Co-Curricular. Scholars follow a dedicated programme, with close mentoring to ensure they reach their full potential throughout their school career. All scholars will have good attendance and progress and their behaviour should be exemplary.

Scholarships are awarded in name only. A means-tested bursary form can be completed if you wish for a financial discount to be associated with your scholarship. Depending on the financial need, discounts range from 5-15%.

Minimum standards for applicants are:

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