School Nurse and Healthcare

Our qualified and experienced School Nurse is available during the day if any pupil feels unwell and holds daily surgeries to administer regular medication and a sympathetic ear. During the evenings and weekends, responsibility for boarders’ health lies with our key boarding staff who all hold a paediatric first aid qualification and receive training in the administration of medicines.

Sickbay is used for children who are too unwell to remain in their dormitory or who are infectious. Children are cared for here until they feel well enough to attend school. We do however ask parents and guardians to collect children who are infectious wherever possible and to return them to school once they are symptom-free.

The school doctor is 5 minutes away by car and children can be seen on the day of the illness if needed. All boarders at Boundary Oak remain with their own surgery and complete a temporary resident form when attending any appointment that is needed. The local Accident & Emergency Hospital is 15 minutes by car and quicker by Ambulance. A member of our Boarding Team or School Nurse will take children here if they feel a child needs emergency attention.

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