The Pay It Forward campaign launched in 2018 sees staff and pupils responding to acts of kindness by being kind to someone else in return. From reading to the elderly in nursing homes, assisting with picking up litter and recycling, to helping new pupils settle by being great buddies, the kindness campaign has pupils sharing generosity within school and helping make significant improvements in the local community.

Below are just some of the examples of our wonderful pupils paying it forward. For more acts of kindness follow our instagram @boundaryoakschool #payitforward

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Winnie, Max and the rest of Year 7 started a food bank collection across the school. Each morning they collected food donated by our school community and then delivered a school bus FULL before Christmas.

Mrs Almeida-Field and her tutor group wanted to pay it forward to all children and their families to ensure that they don’t go hungry at Christmas. Our school community came together and raised an incredible £1,483 for the Trussell Trust.

Meet Miley W, who on her 8th birthday went out for a walk with her Mum and Dad when she met a lady who was checking food donations and asked if she could help. The lady suggested that dropping off a tin or two on here walk would be really helpful. Miley went over and above and chose to spend all of her birthday money on purchasing food for others. The true spirit of kindness.

Daisy and Derek spread kindness in the boarding house by choosing to stay an extra night, despite really wanting to see their mum and dad, so that they could stay and be buddies for two new children, to help them to settle in.

Charity Partners

Compassion and empathy are qualities that are key to our school community. We believe it is important for our pupils to make a contribution, at whatever level, to help improve the lives of others.

In order to make charitable acts a habit, rather than a one-off transitory experience, we have established long lasting partnerships with a small selection of charities that are relevant to our school and local communities.

Our charity partners for this year are:

SSAFA: Lifelong support for the Armed Forces family.

Boundary Oak School is a proud partner of SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity, who have been providing lifelong practical and emotional support to the Armed Forces family for over 130 years. SSAFA’s values are particularly admirable; they pledge to be understanding, committed and professional, fair, and courageous, in order to benefit not only the military community but wider society as a whole. Their network of trained volunteers are role models in empathy, striving to relieve need, suffering and distress amongst serving personnel, veterans and military families across the UK and worldwide, supporting their right to independence and dignity.

For more information on SSAFA please see

Young Minds

Boundary Oak is teaming up with Young Minds in the hope to fight for a future where all young minds are supported and empowered, whatever the challenges. The crisis that exists in children and young people’s mental health is real and urgent. More children are reaching out for help with their mental health, but for those who take that brave step, help is hard to find.

For more information on Young minds please visit:

Hampshire & Isle of White Wildlife Trust

Hampshire & Isle of White Wildlife Trust is one of 46 Wildlife Trusts working across the UK. With the invaluable support of volunteers and members, they manage over 50 nature reserves. They also work closely with other organisations and landowners to protect and connect wildlife sites across the country, and help to inspire local communities, and young people, to care for the wildlife where they live.

For more information on Hampshire & Isle of White Wildlife Trust please visit:

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