Digital Skills

Computing as a subject can be defined as a combination of three separate strands; computer science, IT and digital literacy.

From nanotechnology to synthetic biology and to self-driving cars, computing will continue to shape our future. Computer science teaches us how to solve problems: by breaking them down into manageable components; by developing our own original solutions; using computational skills; and being both logical and creative. The discipline develops both skills and a mindset which supports practically every other discipline.

Being a user of technology nowadays is not enough; technology is changing at such a rapid pace that we need to be more than just passive users.

Mrs Teresa Alexandre, Head of ICT and Computing

One of our primary aims is to transform users of technology into creators of technology by giving all our students the opportunity to develop a computational thinking mind. To achieve this, we have created a broad and balanced curriculum that begins in early years and is carried through to GCSE.

The curriculum covers topics such as coding, CAD design software, 3D printing, stop-motion animation, hardware and software components, computer programming and designing algorithms. This core curriculum is supplemented by range of co-curricular clubs including: Raspberry Pi, coding, graphic and product design and animation.

At Boundary Oak, our goal is always to help pupils develop confidence, a sense of responsibility, a reflective side, a passion for innovation and a commitment to engagement – equipping them for success in the modern world.

From an early age, lessons are designed to highlight the real-world relevance of computing technology, from the use of simple robots and algorithms used in day-to-day life, to more complex uses of technology.

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