Boundary Oak School Policies

Please see below for a selection of our policies, available to view online or download. If you would like to read or have access to any of our policies, as listed below, that are not available to view online please contact the School Office.

Please read the Boundary Oak School Safeguarding and Child Protection Policies:

Whole School Safeguarding Policy

Safeguarding Pupils Vulnerable to Radicalisation

Child on Child Abuse Policy

Self Harming Policy and Procedures

Please read the Boundary Oak School Admissions Policy:

Boundary Oak Admissions Policy

Please read our Behaviour Policies:

Behaviour Policy

The Senior School Pupil Code of Conduct

Please read our Curriculum Policy:

Boundary Oak Curriculum Policy

Please read our Boundary Oak Privacy Notice and Data Protection Policies:

Privacy Notice Policy

Data Protection Policy

Please read the Boundary Oak School Mobile Phone Policy:

Mobile Phone Policy

Please read the Boundary Oak School Anti-Bullying Policies:

Anti-Bullying Policy

Anti Cyberbullying Policy

Please read our Boundary Oak Complaints Policy and Procedure:

Complaints Policy and Procedure

Please read our Boundary Oak Whistleblowing Policy:

Whistleblowing Policy

Please read our Boundary Oak Relationships and Sex Education Policy:

RSE Policy

Boundary Oak is an accredited Covid Safe Charter School. By adopting the Boarding Schools’ Association Charter we pledge to ensure full compliance with all Government rules and guidance to meet the requirements stated within the Charter. The BSA Covid Safe Charter has been created to reassure parents and pupils, giving them confidence that a school is taking all appropriate measures to ensure that classrooms, facilities and residential accommodation are a safe environment to live and work.

Download your copy of the Covid Safe Charter:

Please see below a summary of our Covid Safe procedures, an up to date, full and detailed procedures manual and our Covid risk assessment. If you have any questions or require any further information, please contact the School Office.

COVID Return to School Procedures – January 2022 Covid 19 Risk Assessment – January 2022 Lateral Flow Test Site Risk Assessment – September 2021

Formal Complaints: If you would like to know the number of formal complaints received during the preceding school year please contact the School Office or refer to our Complaints Policy.

For further policies please see below and contact the School Office if you would like to view them on 01329 280955 or email

Able, Gifted & Talented Policy

Academic Policies

Access to Premises Policy

Accessibility Plan

Admissions Policy

Allergy and Anaphylaxis Policy

Anti Money Laundering Policy

Attendance Policy

Bereavement Policy

Boarding Policy

Careers Policy


Contractors Policy

CPD Policy

Curriculum Policy

Data Protection

Disaster & Emergency Policy

Drug Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy

E-Safety Policy

Examination & Assessment Policy

Exclusion of Pupils policy

EYFS Policy

First Aid Policy

Food Safety Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Homestay Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Host Families, Exchanges, Overseas Trips Policy

Integration for Pupils with particular Language, Religious or Cultural needs Policy

Intimate Care Policy

Lettings Policy

Missing Child Policy

No Smoking Policy

Performance Management Policy

Positive Touch Policy

PSHE Policy

Pupil Access to Risky Areas Policy

Risk Assessment Policy

School Rules

Search of Pupils Policy

SENDA & Learning Support Policy

RSE Policy

SMSC Policy

Staff Recruitment Policy

Supervision of Pupils Policy

Transgender Policy

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