Careers Education at Boundary Oak School

Careers Education (CE) is delivered through PSHE lessons, tutor and form time, as well as through additional special events such as assemblies, visiting speakers, trips and careers fairs. 

At Boundary Oak School, we aim to deliver our careers programme effectively, providing impactful education, advice and guidance (CEIAG), so that pupils feel supported and make informed decisions about their future. ‍Through our established programme involving PSHE lessons, form time, assemblies, focus days and our highly successful co-curricular programme, we aspire to provide our pupils with many opportunities to develop their employability skills (problem solving, communication, critical thinking, risk taking, creativity, leadership, and teamwork).
While at Boundary Oak School, pupils are encouraged to pursue their passions and thus become determined to develop the necessary skills to succeed in their chosen career interest(s). ‍

Our pupils highly value careers education because they feel supported in making informed decisions about their future. We have a strong working relationship with many of our neighbouring sixth forms and colleges whom we use for delivering 1:1 information, advice and guidance along with group career sessions. Our pupils follow the Morrisby lesson planning and Jigsaw, the mindful approach to PSHE, which progressively teaches careers throughout the school.

In our younger years, our pupils benefit from PSHE units focusing on ‘Dreams and Goals’ which open our children’s eyes to the world of future job possibilities and challenge stereotypes. By linking our lessons in an age-appropriate way to different careers, training and skills, our ‘Dreams and Goals’ units bring learning alive and inspire pupils about the world of work. Additionally, we also build in opportunities for our Pre-Prep and Prep pupils to meet employers and role models from a range of industries, helping to raise aspirations and link their learning to future skills, jobs and careers.

In our Senior school, our pupils begin their journey using Morrisby, a high quality careers platform which provides assessments and guidance resources. Our pupils also receive the following opportunities:‍

  • Mentoring and coaching (1:1 and group career support from specialised staff with high impact/aspiration) from Morrisby advisors and our experienced staff (Heads of Division).
  • Year 9 students will attend a Careers Hot-desking Event about understanding decision making and preparing for their option choices. At the event, led by parents of Boundary Oak school, pupils will have the opportunity to network with many professionals from a variety of careers.
  • An insight into the National Careers Service, the labour market (local and national) and the needs of employers.
  • Workplace visits and work experience placements.
  • Work ‘taster’ events such as competitions. School Careers Fair (‘Beyond Boundary Oak’) and taking our pupils to other career networking events.
  • Access to open days at further and higher education institutions plus training and apprenticeship providers.
  • All Year 10s complete a Morrisby profiling questionnaire and are offered an optional follow up 1-1 Careers Information Advice and Guidance interview. In Year 11, students will have the opportunity to take part in an interview preparation day and an employer interview day with workshops designed to increase an awareness of employability skills.
  • Access to creative online resources.
  • Help with basic career management skills like CV writing, CV building, job searches and job interviews through Morrisby.
  • During the summer term, our Year 11 pupils will take part in Work Experience and will also attend a workshop about post 16 options and where they can lead to post 18.

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