The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge. Neither love without knowledge, nor knowledge without love can produce a good life.

Bertrand Russell

Located among 30 acres of beautiful English countryside with fields, woods and stunning views, Boundary Oak School is an awe-inspiring setting for children’s education. Steeped in history, our Grade II listed main building, Roche Court, was built by Peter de Roches, in the 13th Century.

Boundary Oak is more than just a school, it is a lifestyle. It is important to have good academics and that goes without saying, but it is the well-rounded, whole child that drives everything. To know that the learning happening in classrooms is built around the children, that our curriculum can be designed to ensure the best of the children whilst inspiring a love of learning and that each child is given time and support is fantastic. Then, add in that the children get to play sport in a team whether they excel at the sport and play at County level or they are the children who love to go out and get involved but have other strengths than that particular team sport. It is about the experience they are getting, team work, resilience, respect. 

The broad curriculum of 15 subjects including drama, art, food, sport, outdoor learning and music allows all children the chance to shine at something, to give them a reason to come to school. Our, normally, large co-curricular offering gives another opportunity for each child to find their passion.

My desire is that every child that comes to Boundary Oak gives new things a go, explores new pathways and has a childhood that is every parents’ dream and I am excited to be supporting that journey for all children and I look forward to welcoming you into the school.

Boundary Oak takes pride in its strong family ethos and the personalised learning it provides. This is a community of learning built upon mutual trust between teachers and pupils with a strong, shared sense of purpose and a commitment, to high standards driven by enthusiasm.

We look to foster an intellectual curiosity to develop freedom
of thought and expression and support our pupils to take responsibility for their personal and collective learning. Central to our ethos at Boundary Oak is our aim to promote a love for learning in all our pupils. We do this by not only equipping them with lifelong skills, but by encouraging and developing their passions.

We are very proud of our school and pupils.

My desire is that every child that comes to Boundary Oak gives new things a go, explores new pathways and has a childhood that is every parents’ dream.

Sophie Savage, Headmistress – Boundary Oak School

Our last ISI inspection graded our pupils’ attitude to learning, communication skills and all aspects of their personal development as “Excellent”. We look to instil in our pupils the values we hold dear, our 7 Rs: be Respectful, Responsible, Reflective, Responsive, Resourceful, Resilient and Relentless.

Boundary Oak School is an amazing place for your child to learn, grow and develop; it’s a very special community that my family and I are honoured to be part of.

James Polansky, MA (Cantab) PGCE Executive Headmaster

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