Boundary Oak School History

1280 – Roche Court, the current home of Boundary Oak School was built.

1918 – Boundary Oak School was founded by Miss Napier, on a site at Waterlooville.

1920s – The Vicars of Christ Church played a considerable part in the early life of Boundary Oak. Arthur Champion was Vicar of Christ Church from 1916 to 1923 and Francis Flynn from 1923 to 1927.

1921 – The school moved to Widley, it’s first real home. Here it occupied a Georgian House call Portsdown Lodge and 9 acres of ground, which had previously been in the possession of Jane Austen’s brother, Sir Francis Austen.

The Boundary Oak Name – The property lay on the Parish Boundary of Portsmouth and around its perimeter there was a line of oak trees. One of these fine old trees was a staging–post in the annual Portsmouth ‘beating of the bounds’. It was from this tree that the school took its name.

1930s – The school thrived under the Headship of D. de o’E.D Miller who owned the school for over twenty years.

1940 – Canadians were billeted at Roche Court who then moved out on D-Day.

1947 – Southwick Estate purchased Roche Court.

1955 – Following the death of D. de o’E.D Miller, the school was left in the care of vicor of Christ Church for a short time before being sold to David Foster.

1960 – The 9 acre site at Widley was sold for residential development, where the evidence of the school is still retained in the street names – Oak Tree Close, Boundary Crescent and The Dell.

1961 – The school made its third move to Roche Court, with over double the space and a larger, even more historic House.

1961 – David Foster converted the school into an Educational Trust and thus the Governing body came into existence.

1963 – The Swimming Pool was built.

1971 – The Theatre was built

1977 – The Jubilee Block was built

1976 – The last of the Oak trees at the original site was felled due to disease.

1980 – The Music Block was built

1981 – The Tennis Courts were developed

1987 – The Pre-School was introduced to the school

1988 – The classroom block at Widley was demolished and moved to the present site, becoming the Widley Block.

1989 – The Lodge was renovated and made fit for habitation

1992 – The admittance of girls to the Reception Class was introduced

1996 – Pupil numbers reached 223 and the girls’ boarding house was opened.

2014 – Boundary Oak School was purchased by Quo Vadis Education

2016 – The Senior School was opened along with the new Kellett building 

2019 – The indoor sports hall and dance studio were built 

2020 – A new Design and Technology Centre opened, pupils numbers reached 350.

2023 – Boundary Oak School joined Globeducate, one of the world’s leading K12 education groups.

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