The Transition from Pre-School to Primary: Boundary Oak’s Smooth Path

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The transition from Pre-School to Primary learning is known as one of the most challenging times in a child’s life. Some children sail through it; others struggle. With the right support for the child in place, there’s a much higher chance that they will thrive in their new environment. We know the experience can be tough for all involved, which is why we’ve designed the path to be as seamless as possible, with gradual change that means they are ready for their first year of more formal learning.

How does Boundary Oak support children who are transitioning to Primary learning?

The Pre-School experience can shape a child’s love for learning, and at Boundary Oak School Pre-School, we believe it should be a fun, happy, and healthy time too. Our Pre-School and Reception years are specifically designed to prepare your child for Primary learning. Children thrive when they have supportive networks and feel cared for, and with that in mind, our Pre-School children have plenty of time for play, to create friendships with other children, and to connect with our teachers.

Our curriculum for Early Years is a strong foundation for Pre-Prep, focusing on building confidence and self-esteem. Rather than pushing the curriculum onto them, we aim to bring out their natural curiosity and willingness to learn, in order to make their experience happier and more successful.

We focus on developing critical skills such as communication and language, physical development, literacy and mathematics, and expressive arts and design. These are all essential for getting them ready for their learning in Pre-Prep, but we also recognise the importance of personal, social and emotional development and understanding the world around them, which is why we incorporate activities to enhance their journey through this stage. Children have access to a purpose-built play area, as well as a secure outside learning area.

During their time in Reception, pupils will have specialist teachers for French, PE, and music each week, in addition to outdoor learning. By the end of their year in Reception, the majority of children will have achieved the Early Learning goals, and their timetable becomes more structured, preparing them for their transition into Year 1.

When children move into Year 1, learning becomes focused on the 7Rs, and broadly follows the National Curriculum. Rather than drilling answers into our pupils, we focus on supporting them to look for the answers. Pupils have daily English and Mathematics lessons, as well as learning from our specialist teachers in PE, art, French, music and outdoor learning.

We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach to learning, and we help to personalise the learning of each child, whether they need additional support, or they want to explore the subject further. Of course, your child will also learn across the curriculum for science, history, geography, digital learning, RE, and PSHE. 

How you can support your child during the transition to Primary learning

While we’ll be supporting your child and preparing them gently for the change in many of these ways, you can support your child during this time too.

Chances are, you’re doing these things with your child already. Working these ideas into your day can be simple – talking to them over their breakfast and dinner to encourage them to share their feelings, reading a chapter of a book at bedtime, and taking a walk or visiting the beach after school or at the weekend. Both parents and children will benefit from these activities, creating a strong bond and helping to create precious memories too.

What should parents know before their child moves to Reception?

It is recognised that the journey from Pre-School to Primary  learning can be a challenging period for parents too. You may experience anxiety yourself, and that is normal, no matter what your own experience in education looked like. You’ll remain in contact with our teaching teams throughout the process, and we’ll work with you to ensure that your child remains happy during the transition.

We are frequently asked about funded hours, and as your child progresses from Pre-School to our Reception class, you can still claim 15 funded hours off the academic school fees until the term that your child turns five.

Want to know more about how we support your child’s journey as they graduate from Pre-School? You’re welcome to get in touch, and to visit us on one of our open mornings for further discussion.

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