Water Carrying Challenge

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Relish the outdoors

One of my strong philosophies has always been that children should be allowed to be children and to relish the outdoors. A recent Water Carrying fundraising event is a superb example of this. We witnessed the extraordinary support, the enthusiasm, all those smiles, the resilience that every single pupil showed as they kept on going when their muscles were aching and particularly, the love. That’s a bit of an old fashioned word these days but I think it is the perfect word to describe the event and actions of our pupils. To me, love is the deep concern for the welfare of another.

The others in question are not only each other, their friends as they cheered and encouraged but also the Ghanaian children and their families whom we have never met and whom we are never likely to meet. We organised and exhausted ourselves in order to raise some money that will improve the quality of life for our fellow human beings who are much less fortunate than ourselves.

They say a picture paints a thousand words and so please take a look at our gallery from the event where I hope you will get a feel for the wonderful atmosphere that filled our school that day.

Water Carrying Challenge


Many thanks to all of you that have supported this cause

Charlie Ekin


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