Titanic enthusiast visits Boundary Oak School

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Tim Maltin, an old school friend of Mr Stewart and serious Titanic enthusiast came to Boundary Oak on Tuesday to hold two assemblies on the reasons ‘Sinking of The Titanic’.

He explained the importance of finding subjects or topics that really interest you, and doing detailed research and seeking first hand accounts of historical events. Having written 3 books and made two films about the Titanic, he is widely known to be a serious expert on the events surrounding the tragedy. Many myths were dispelled regarding the reasons why the ship struck an iceberg and subsequently sank. It’s fair to say recent Holywood movies aren’t the most reliable source of factual information!

In explaining what actually happened it was clear that understanding scientific, social and historical facts and how they all combined together to create the tragedy of the Titanic is very important to fully understand the event. He was also keen to demonstrate to pupils that becoming a  world expert in something was not as hard as it might first seem and has opened many interesting doors for Tim and led to some amazing friendships with people connected to the Titanic. The pupils and staff asked some excellent questions and we thank him very much for sharing his passion for the story of the Titanic with us.


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