Pupil Blog: Boundary Oak School Residential Part 4

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Flying high on a Thursday 

Today was great. Helped by the fact that the weather has been really warm and sunny – in fact, we picked a good week to come away!

After a breakfast of bacon and eggs on toast (I got a runny yolk!) we headed off site again and spent the morning doing bushcraft activities. One half of our group built shelters and the other half learnt how to make fire.

One of the best things about this week is how we’ve come together as a group. I’ve loved spending the week getting to know my friends even more, we all get on so well and have laughed lots! It’s really helped any of us who have had times where we have missed our families at home as it’s been like having another family here.

I loved making the fire – I liked how it kept us warm when the sun went in but also how long it took because it made all the effort we put in worth it. It was interesting and nice to look at too – Yasmin said that the embers were like fire flies.

To build the shelters we had to use our pioneering skills, and it was lots of fun but we had to really work together and think about the structure. Juliette had built a swing before so she used that to help her build our shelter. We then had to test if it was water tight – it wasn’t.

After bushcraft we went for a walk before having a picnic lunch in the sunshine.

When we had finished our lunch we all walked over to where they did high ropes, had a briefing and safety talk before getting on harnesses. We then spent three hours making our way across different high rope courses and zip wires. It was REALLY high! Much higher than it looks from the ground and we were all a bit nervous on the first few but after that you forget how high up you are and just concentrate on getting across to the next platform.

Phew – we’re all pretty worn out but had such a fun day today! I’m hungry for dinner now – I think we have Chicken Curry with cheesecake for pudding :-) One of our leaders, Tom, said that we were having a camp fire tonight too which we are all excited about.

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