Pupil Blog: Boundary Oak School Residential Part 3

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Knots so bad for a Wednesday 

This morning we began by being taught how to tie different knots with rope. We did this in small teams. Some of them were very tricky but it was a great feeling when we managed to get it correct in the end.

Learning how to make different knots was getting us prepared for the rest of the day as we then worked in teams to create a structure that allowed all 7 of us in our group to climb on it. BUT we managed to get all 13 of our group on to ours – this is something that has never been achieved before at the centre! We were all very proud of ourselves for this and our teachers said that they were really proud of us too.

While we were working on our ‘amazing’ structure the other team were making a bridge to go over the swimming pool, which they then had to test by seeing if it would hold them as they each got across from one side to the other.

The whole day was spent doing team building activities which made us all think together and also trust each other too. I think that it has also made us even closer friends, especially with the internationals pupils who have only recently joined the school. We all had a great time.

Another brilliant day. Missing home a little but you hardly get time to thing about that – great day, bring on tomorrow!

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