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In October, Year 8 and 9 headed off to Southampton Watersport and Activity Centre (SWAC) for three days of team-building challenges and leadership activities. Memories were made from their time together that they will treasure forever.

Head Girl Eva S and Head Boy James H share with us some diary extracts from their time away… 

Eva’s team-building memories…

Thursday (Sailing)

When we arrived at SWAC we changed into our wet suits and went outside for a briefing on how to control the boat. We had to learn how to ‘Tack` which is a series of moves required when the sail moves to the other side of the boat. If you don’t duck, you might get hit in the head by the boom, which some of us soon found out!

Later, when we were on the water, it wasn’t long until most of us fell in. Luckily we were all wearing wet suits.

Overall, the day was great fun. In the morning we were practicing sailing around two buoys, in the afternoon we sailed up the river and were towed back by the instructor’s boats. This exercise enabled us to work as a team and co-operate with each other, which we all really enjoyed.

Most of us boarded Thursday night and slept right through the thunder storms, as we were all so tired from the days’ activities.

Friday (Stand-Up Paddle boarding)

After donning our wet suits, we had a briefing about Paddle Boarding – something that we were all really excited to do! We were taught the techniques we should use in the water and the correct names for the equipment. After being divided into three groups we got on the boards. That day the sea was rather rough so the majority of us were occasionally falling off our boards.

After several attempts at learning how to steady ourselves on the boards out on the water, we headed back to the slip way to play another game which was called ‘Wobble board`. Two teams had to stand on a board, and had to wobble each other to try to get the opposite team off without any physical contact. This was quite tricky, as you can imagine!

In the afternoon we travelled up stream and paddle boarded back to the centre. We just needed to make sure that we weren’t near anyone else, otherwise there was a possibility you’d be pushed in!

Friday night was downtime, watching a movie and chilling out with friends. A great time was had by all.

James’ team-building memories…

Year 8 and 9 went on a two day team building residential to Southampton Watersport and Activity Centre. On the first day we enjoyed sailing in the morning we were put into our teams and given a quick lesson on how to sail. We got into pairs and sceptically approached our boats. Then we were sent out into the middle of the harbour and tried to sail, although not everyone succeeded, we had an enjoyable start to the trip. Later on we sailed about 2-3kBoundary Oak School Residentialm to a bay upstream where we all really improved our sailing skills and those of us that were novices became rather good at the end – Ben Ainslie had nothing on us!

On the Friday we did stand up paddle boarding. The morning was hilarious as we struggled to get to grips with balancing on our boards and spent more time in the water than on our boards. That didn’t change into the afternoon where we did the same as the day before. Going up to the bay and paddle boarding back, with most of us on normal 1 man boards and 8 of us on a massive board! It was a great trip and we learnt a lot about each other and have had a great start to the year!

Take a look on our YouTube channel for our Senior residential 2016 video along with many more memories made at Boundary Oak School.


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