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Year 1 and 2 set off on a trip to the Search Museum in Gosport to help them with their latest topic, the Victorians. The pupils not only learnt about what it was like to live as a Victorian but they had a lot of fun whilst doing it too! Here are two pupils blog posts about what they thought of their trip:

My Day at the Search Museum by Amelie S

On Tuesday the 1st of December we went in the mini bus to the Search Museum in Gosport. Year One and Two went together. When we got there we went into a pretend Victorian parlour and a kitchen, and then we went into a room with toys and other interesting Victorian things. In the parlour you had to ring the bell and play the piano. In the kitchen you had to pretend you were a servant. You had to smell the spices I thought they smelled Christmassy. If someone in the parlour rang the bell you would have to go and see what they wanted. Then you would have to take it to them.

In the room with interesting toys, you had to label them. After that everyone went back to the first room and the lady talked to them whilst I dressed up with Matilda and Max into a Victorian person. I dressed up as a maid, Matilda dressed up as a posh Victorian lady and Max was dressed up as a Lawyer. After that we played who can keep the feather up the longest. Finally we went back to school. I wish I was a Victorian person because I would get servants!

My Day at the Search Museum by Max P

On a windy, sunny day Year One and Two went to the Search Museum. We all sat in a Victorian house. I put on a posh jacket and I played the piano. After that Me, Amelie, and Matilda wore Victorian clothes. I wore a top hat. We went back to school. The school trip was fantastic.

Take a look at the photos from our trip on our Gallery

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