Boundary Oak’s Blue Boy in London

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My Work Experience in London by Jacob K, Y8

Tiring, exhilarating, amazing, nerve-racking, crazy, exciting, emotional, proud; all words to describe my two days work experience in London. I joined a cast of professional actors, musicians and composers who were rehearsing, filming and then performing a play to theatre managers. My role was as The Blue Boy which is actually a statue in the centre of Exeter of a school boy. Thankfully I didn’t need to be painted blue but I did have to wear my school uniform!

On the first day I met the cast, watched the play being rehearsed, learnt my song (I only had four minutes) and read through my part. I had nearly four pages of lines, including a monologue at the end of the play. Initially I thought I might have to learn all the words in one day, however, I carried a book with me onto the stage and was therefore able to read from this- thank goodness! Whilst we rehearsed we were filmed too. It was strange as I didn’t notice the camera very much.The play was based on a true story and quite sad but the cast made it all fun and relaxed for me.

On the second day we moved from an Arts Centre in Crouch End to the New Diohorra Theatre in Regents Park. This was near to my hotel so I managed to get a lie in and had some time to practise my lines, although when we got to the theatre they had changed them anyway! I spent a fun hour with the cast preparing and warming up, before we did a full run through with costumes and lighting. The performance was fantastic and I really enjoyed it. The director said ‘I smashed it’! I feel much more confident about performing in front of other people now.


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