Match Reports: Football 15th October and 5th November

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U9’s Princes Mead – 5th November 2015

On Thursday 5th November Year 3 and 4 had an away football match at Princes Mead School.

On that day the weather was absolutely horrible, it was pouring it down and didn’t stop. Sadly we lost and the score was 1-0 for the first match and the same for the other. In the second match they scored almost straight away mid match, Emery nearly scored to equalise though.

By the end of the match everybody got really muddy and wet, we had a fun time though, at the end we gave them 3 cheers for a good match. We had a quick match tea and then back on the mini bus back to school.

By Henry P (Y4)


U11B St Johns – 5th November 2015

During the match, Jay saved some really brilliant attempts on goal. Morgans support a defender was also outstanding. Benedict and Gregor distracted the opposition with their passing back and forth which saved a lot of time.

Some of our team were day dreaming which helped St Johns score goals. We tried our best during the match, but if we practice more I think we might have won the game.

By Henry B-M (Y5)


U8/U9 Ballard Lake 

Even with endless rain we worked as a team and stayed positive. The result failed to show off our hard work but the team tried its best. Elliot T blocked the ball well and the goalkeeper provided some great saves.

By James W – L (Y3)
U9’s Kings Court – 15th October 2015

It was a good, we worked hard as a team, but lost. The score was 1-0. I was charging down and kept on tackerling with the ball and I did this about six times. Elliot T was passing to me so I could charge down and this earned me man of the match.

By William S (Y3)


U11’s B Princess – November 4th 2015

We started doing a bit of passing, but each time, they intercepted. They then scored a couple of goals, I had two great chances, but sadly didn’t manage to score a goal. In the end it was 2-0 to the away team but we really tried our hardest throughout the game.
By Benedict M (Y5)

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