VE Day 2020, Day 46 of lockdown

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VE Day 2020, Day 46 of lockdown

On this day 75 years ago the war in Europe ended. Although today it is a very different story instead of partying in mass gatherings as they did 75 years ago, we are in lockdown and separated from the ones we love. The last few weeks have been hard on all of us but today is a day to be thankful for everything the country did for us before we were even born.

I sit here writing about 75 years ago, but I wonder to myself what the future generations will remember about this time in 75 years. will it be the 1 exercise session outdoors a day where you need to stay at least two meters apart or will it be the huge change too schooling where we sit in front of a computer screen for the day doing remote learning in the comfort of our own home. Or will it be in fact that these things go unremembered and the main remembrance will be the amount of deaths caused by COVID-19, only time will tell.

We have been in lockdown for 46 days now and life has changed in many ways, for some in the better as it means spending more time at home without the stresses of work and life as we knew it before. On the other hand, we miss the things we would normally take for granted such as spending time with friends and family and even going to school. Soon life for most of us will be back to normal and we will look back at these times and remember lockdown and how it changed Britain forever.

Joshua Candy

Head boy


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