Boundary Oak School celebrates a successful first year of GCSEs as pupils perform well above the national average.

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Pupils, parents and staff at Boundary Oak School were today celebrating their first year of GCSE results.

The independent school, located in Fareham (Hampshire), achieved a 90.4% pass rate across all subjects with an incredible 16 subjects, including English and Maths, achieving a 100% pass rate.

At the top end, nine subjects had 30% or more pupils achieving Grade 7 (previously Grade A) or above, with 38% of Maths pupils gaining a Grade 7 and above and 25% of English pupils. The new level 9 grade, which only the top 3% of pupils in the country are awarded, was prevalent in several subjects, Maths in particular, where an outstanding 23% of pupils achieved a grade 9.

As well as success in the core subjects and humanities, the creative arts departments are also celebrating with 63% of pupils achieving a grade 8 or above in Music and 100% of pupils achieving a grade 7 or above in Art.

Headmaster James Polansky congratulated the pupils on their achievements. He said: “My staff and I are extremely proud of our pupils’ performance and we would like to congratulate them all on their achievements. We are proud to offer a broad and enriching curriculum at Boundary Oak and I am absolutely delighted that our results include a 100% pass rate across 16 different subjects, including English and Maths. This is a tremendous validation of our schools’ aim and ethos.

The unerring dedication of our teachers, be it planning, mentoring, intervention and support, enables our pupils to reach their potential, while growing into well rounded individuals, fully prepared for the next stage of their academic career.

As our pioneering year group, it has been an honour to be part of these pupils’ journeys. They have shown great resilience and determination, that has not only allowed them to achieve academically but to grow as individuals, gain in confidence, realise the importance of a positive attitude and work ethic, while raising the bar for each other as they faced their challenges. I’m incredibly excited for them and their future successes.”

Boundary Oak School prides itself on its ethos of fostering an enjoyment of learning and promoting a growth mindset and these results are testament to that.  

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