Joining Boundary Oak School

Starting at Boundary Oak School

Welcome to Boundary Oak School! As soon as you have registered you will be looked after by our Registrar, Mrs Sam Sharp, who will send you Terms and Conditions, your Welcome Pack, as well as your Parent and Pupil Handbooks. She will also help to arrange your uniform appointment. Please take the time to read through the various documents, ask any questions and complete the forms within. For uniform requirements, please go to our Parent Information page.

Please see below your Welcome Pack and accompanying documents that you will require as a new Boundary Oak pupil.

Early Years – Pre-School and Reception

Welcome Pack – Early Years

Boarding Pupils Year 3 to Y11

Welcome Pack – Boarders Y3 to Y11

Day Pupils Year 1 to Y11

Welcome Pack – Day Pupils Y1 to Y11

Parent and Pupil Handbooks – for day pupils and boarders

Whole School Parent Handbook

Boarding Parent Handbook

Whole School Parent Handbook

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